Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lost in Geneva

Our next excursion took us to the beautiful lakeside city of Geneva! We took a promenade along Lake Geneva, visited St. Peter's Cathedral, and got lost in the "old town" part of the city.
Our next excursion brought us to the lakeside city of Geneva.

This beautiful city is located on Lake Geneva near the French border. Many international organizations are based out of Geneva, such was the World Health Organization, World Trade Organization, CERN, and more!

We began our excursion by taking a promenade along Lake Geneva. The deep blue lake, wide sky, and mountains in the horizon were an awe-inspiring sight to see.




We then got lost in a scenic maze-like part of the city that is considered the "old town." It is characterized by its winding brick walkways, historical buildings, and enticing cafes.

We paused to appreciate the splendor of St. Peter's Cathedral, which is over five centuries old and took more than 100 years to build!



After our stroll through time, we took a moment to gaze pensively over the city and soak in all the new experiences.