Sunday, January 18, 2015

Our final days in Tanzania

We spent our last evening at Mwagusi Safari Camp with a riverside dinner and music around the campfire. We then began our long journey home, reminiscing about the trip of a lifetime.
Thursday night was our last evening at Mwagusi Safari Camp.

After a day full of animal sightings, we were pleasantly surprised to find a riverside dinner awaiting our group when we returned.


Tomas provided entertainment with fire spinning on the beach, and the group capped off the night with music around the campfire.


The next morning we went out for one last safari. We then started our journey home with a bus ride back to the Lutheran Center.

After one more night at the Lutheran Center, we travelled back to Dar Es Salaam for a dinner on the Indian Ocean before we headed to the airport.


On our plane ride home, we all thought about the Lutheran Center and reminisced about the trip of a lifetime.