Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Discussing ideas and finding solutions

All three groups have returned from their trips to the villages. We spent much of the day interpreting the information we collected so we can begin to develop potential solutions to the water issues in each village.
With all three groups back from their trips to the villages, we began to interpret the information we collected to develop potential improvements to the water issues.

After a leisurely breakfast at the ranch, the Ihemi and Kitapalimwa-Mlangali groups presented their impressions of the problems facing each village. During the presentations, we openly discussed their challenges and proposed several possible solutions, including gravity fed systems, solar pumping systems, and electric-grid pumping systems.

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After the first two groups presented, everyone went to the Ilula hospital, where we met up with several of the University of Minnesota medical staff and students working there. Randy Hurley gave a talk on how the health and engineering sectors are connected.

Next, the Ilula team gave their presentation to the CSE group as well as the medical team. During this presentation, there was a lot of discussion between the engineering and medical teams about the priorities and what can be achieved with the resources available.

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Following the presentation, the Ilula team, with the help of the medical students, gave tours of the Ilula hospital to those who hadn't been there before. During the tours, the water needs and proposed systems for each building were discussed even further.

After all the tours had been completed and discussions concluded, we headed back to Iringa.

We ended the day with a nice dinner at Sai Villa.