Monday, June 2, 2014

ISCAS Conference

Today we went to the ISCAS Conference in Melbourne. We spent the day attending lectures on nano-bio circuits and viewing demonstrations.

Today we went to the ISCAS Conference in Melbourne.

The keynote speaker was introduced by one of the inventors of WiFi. The speaker gave a speech on microengineered human organs on chips.

The technology he talked about was so advanced, it was incredible that it wasn't science fiction. Technology such as a dialysis-like device that treats illnesses like sepsis with an unbelievable success rate is made possible through these advancements.

After the keynote speaker we attended lectures on a variety of topics. Examples of the topics were audio and speech processing, circuits for bio-applications, gabor filters, and neuromorphic spike -based computation.

As the only undergraduates at the conference, many of us found that the lectures were far more advanced that anything we had learned in the past.

Following the lunch break, there were some poster sessions and demonstrations set up to walk around and view.

Pictured below are two students next to one of the demonstrations.


It was inspiring to spend the day with so many incredible minds from around the world.