Friday, June 6, 2014

Cheers, mate!

We said our goodbyes to Australia and traveled back to Minnesota.

As I sat on our plane to Minneapolis from LAX, I had time to look back on our incredible journey the last few weeks. The 14-hour flight from Los Angles to Sydney was worth every minute. While in Australia we learned so much and have come back as different people.

Through our class work, we explored the exciting new world of nano-bio circuits that will revolutionize our society in the next few years. Seeing this technology first hand as it is developing was an incredible experience. There is no better place to learn about this technology than Australia. The research being done here is immense. We were welcomed by the people of Australia at each site visit.

Many people expected to hear about the differences between cultures when traveling abroad, but I was personally amazed at how similar the U.S. is to Australia. Both countries started out as British colonies formed on land previously unexplored by Europeans, so we found the culture and values are often similar. I found this interesting because we could relate to people on the other side of the world. We also learned so much by seeing another culture. Australians are incredibly friendly and we felt right at home.

The memories and friends we made on this trip will stay with us, and we are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to travel to Australia.

I would also like to thank Professor Sobelman. Without him, this trip would not have been possible. He also worked very hard to make the trip both fun and educationally valuable for everyone, and we really appreciated it.

Here are pictures of us before we left for Australia and after landing in Minneapolis. We have come back as better students, ready to take on the increasingly globalized society we live in today.





Cheers, mate!

photo 2.png