Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Agder University

Today was our last day at Agder University. We attended a few short lectures to hear from professors at the university. After our visit, we started our journey to Bergen!
Today was our last day at Agder University. We started our day off with a series of short lectures from professors at the university.

Our first block began with a welcome from the head of the engineering/science department. He gave us some background on Agder and shared information on current projects the university is involved with. Then we heard a little about fuel cells and thermo electronics that can be used to recover energy lost from heat in an industrial setting.

After that, another professor gave us some background information on photovoltaic technology, or the use of solar cells to obtain energy from the sun.

solar panel.jpg

Next we learned about hydropower production and flood management. This source of renewable energy is very especially important to Norway because it produces 98 percent of the electricity.

Continuing our lessons with hydropower, we attended a short lecture about dam-break simulation that helps to reduce the risk of a dam break and the damage after a break by increasing the knowledge of those working at and constructing dams.

Our final mini-lecture covered biomass and bioenergy.

norway dam.png

When we finished our visit at Agder University, we got on the bus and began our long journey to Bergen.


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