Saturday, May 24, 2014

Soaking up the sun

We toured beaches and famous look-out points as well as the famous Bondi Beach. After a box lunch at the Botanical Gardens, we had the rest of the day off.
Saturday was set aside to do more tourist visits of Sydney.

We took a bus tour on our way to the famous Bondi Beach and stopped at points with gorgeous picture opportunities. Despite it being the Australian winter, the weather was unseasonably warm at about 77 degrees Fahrenheit.


One of the locations we stopped at was a cluster of cliffs. Sadly, these cliffs are known as a place where people jump to end their life. Our tour guide told us a story of an old man who lived across the street. He would see lost souls approaching the cliffs and would go out and simply chat with them and invite them in for a cup of tea. He is credited with saving countless lives. The stories of his heroic actions were only discovered after his own recent death.

Pictured below are the cliffs.


Our last stop was the famous Bondi Beach. Here we were able to sit in the sand and go for a quick swim in the ocean. The beach is very safe but our tour guide warned us about creatures like box jellyfish and sharks that do occasionally show up there.

After the beach, our group had a box lunch at the park near our hotel. We had the rest of the day for free time.