Thursday, May 29, 2014


Today we visited the most popular tourist attraction in Denmark, LEGOLAND!
This morning we woke up and got on the bus to make the hour and a half trip to LEGOLAND.

When we got to the park, we received our tickets and set out to explore the amusement park, ride roller coasters, and look at the LEGOLAND shops.

The LEGOLAND Billund Resort is the original park which all other LEGOLANDs have been modeled after since. In 1949, Ole Kirk Christiansen founded the first park. After Christiansen died in 1968, his son Godfredt decided to expand it to a 14-acre park to help promote his toy business.

The park was an instant success and is now the most popular tourist attraction in Denmark. The park, now 45 acres, is split into nine lands with different activities, themes, and attractions.


The first land, Miniland, consists of 1:20 scale Lego brick models featuring landscapes, attractions, and buildings from all over Denmark as well as famous landmarks from other parts of the world.


The other lands consist of Duplo Land, with attractions for young kids; Imagination Zone, which contains the Lego Studio 4-D movie theater; Lego Atlantis; Legoredo Town, a western themed section with lots of rides; Pirate Land; Lego City; Knight's Kingdom; and Polar Land.

We all had a really great time and enjoyed another extremely fun day in Denmark. I think we all agreed that the bus ride was worth it, and if we could would go back again and again!

The journey back to our hotel was quiet because most of the group fell asleep. Once we got back, we enjoyed a relaxing night in the pool.