Friday, May 30, 2014

Into the bush

Today we ventured into Australian countryside to see some of the iconic wildlife at the Cleland Wildlife Park in Adelaide.

Today we got an up-close look at some of Australia's icons.

We took a motor coach to the hills of Adelaide and finally made our way into the countryside (or "bush" as Australians say).

Pictured below is the group at the top of Mount Lofty looking over the city of Adelaide.


We made our way through the bush and past lots of small villages. We saw fire damage on trees and learned that many of these villages had been destroyed by bush fires in the past. Often, they rebuild in the same location, determined not to give up their homes.

Our group arrived at Cleland Wildlife Park and was given a tour of the grounds.


We were immediately amazed by the kangaroos running around un-caged in the park and how little they were afraid of humans. We were able to go right up to the kangaroos and feed and pet them.

Below are pictures of us with the kangaroos.


Our professor feeding a kangaroo!


We also got to see koalas, emus, and Tasmanian devils. A few of the students even held koalas!



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