Tuesday, May 27, 2014

From Copenhagen to Jutland

Today we traveled from Copenhagen to Jutland and made a few exciting stops along the way.
Today was a travel day. We all enjoyed the four and a half hour bus ride to catch up on sleep and take some time to relax.

During our journey, we stopped at Odense, the birthplace of Hans Christian Anderson. We also visited Vejie, thought to be the birthplace of the Danish Nations. In Vejie, we saw a small Danish church with runic stones in front. These stones are considered the birth certificate of the Danish nation.


When we arrived in Jutland and settled into our rooms, we enjoyed a pizza dinner together. Then we headed down to the beautiful beach, where some students were brave enough to go swimming in the cold North Sea of Denmark.

We are all excited to visit the nearby windmills and LEGOLAND during our stay in Jutland.