Monday, January 6, 2014

Our first day in Iringa

Our first full day in Iringa included sociopolitical discussions about Tanzania, a lecture on fluid mechanics, and perfect weather.
After a great breakfast at the Lutheran Center in Iringa, we went to the Saint Paul Partner's local office and learned about some of the projects and water testing methods they used in nearby villages. We met Chavalla, part of the Iringa diocese. In Tanzania, approximately a third of the population is Christian, a third Muslim, and a third follow tribal beliefs. Chavalla spoke to us about several of the sociopolitical issues facing Tanzania: water, education, mysticism, poverty, and corrupt leaders. But Tanzania also has no religious conflict, terrorism, or civil war. The picture below shows us with Heute and Haniel, two women who graduated from college with a focus in community development. They spoke to us about issues facing women, Chavalla believes helping women helps the entire community as they are the backbone of this society.


We then returned to the Lutheran Center and Paul gave us our first in-country lecture on fluid mechanics.


We explored Iringa, a mid-size city/town. it is cooler here than in Dar es Salaam - perfect weather.