Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Will's Mission Impossible

A tireless master of superlatives, Will graciously enlivens the working atmosphere of the robot room with his wit and humor, much of which goes unappreciated by his rather humorless engineering colleagues.
"Our commando skunkworks team of elite research scientists and engineers has meshed from Day 1, and we are absolutely 150% committed to building a superly awesome robot that will literally change the very nature of robotics. It's an entirely new paradigm shift we're constructing, and I know for certain that they will one day put a brass plaque right here on this spot at our table to mark the location for like all of history."
Will informed me confidentially that he has turned down interview requests from Reuters, AP, UPI, Oprah, and capitals from as far away as Japan and India, all of whom are eagerly awaiting news of developments on the ground here at ZHAW.