Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Pictures!

More pictures...
Air Force.jpg
The only picture we could take...

Thumbnail image for Aquaducts.jpg

Arien Lecture.jpg
Lecture at University of Haifa

Bombing Memorial.jpg
Suicide Bombing Memorial in Tel Aviv

Chocolate Shop.jpg
Chocolate Shop in Jaffa

Clock Tower.jpg
Clock Tower in Jaffa

Statue in Bahai Garden

Eagle at top.jpg
More of Bahai Gardens

Flower Bush.jpg
Bahai Gardens

Flower Pot.jpg
Bahai Gardens

Gropu Pic at Bahai Gardens.jpg
Bahai Gardens

Haifa Labs.jpg
IBM in Haifa

Hearing Test.jpg
Hearing Lab

Heart Guy.jpg
Lungs to Demonstrate Lung Surgery

Heart Machine.jpg
Inside of lungs using the camera

Laser Lab at Bar Ilan University

Lunch at Bar Ilan


Med and Lebanon.jpg
Lebanon is just over the mountains

The Super Dimensions office in Minneapolis via video conference

Artifact Museum at Bahai Gardens

Hot Tub.jpg
It's the only hot tub we've found so far. Doesn't matter that it was 2,000 years old at Cesarea.

Part of Cesarea.jpg
More ruins at Cesarea

Famous bakery in Jaffa

Research Center Weizmann.jpg
Building at Weizmann. Apparently the brown on the walls are bat poop.

Bahai Gardens

Soundproof Room.jpg
Soundproof room for hearing tests

Sunset over the Mediterranean

Technion Monument.jpg
Monument at Technion

Tiling in one of the rooms.jpg
Cesarea Ruins

US Embassy.jpg
US Embassy in Tel Aviv

View from bottom.jpg
Bahai Gardens

View from top.jpg
Bahai Gardens

Weizmann Institute

Where they Raced Charriots.jpg
Hippodrome - where they raced chariots in Cesarea