Thursday, May 27, 2010


Random photos of students on their own are posted.
At the beginning of our stay in London, professor Sobelman gave each of us a London Travelcard which allowed us to use the buses and Underground railway. In the Underground--also known as the Tube--there was always a sign by the railway that said "MIND THE GAP." This sign warned pedestrians to be aware of the buffer that separated them from the oncoming train.

Photo not taken by seminar group

We didn't use our Travelcards often during our technical visits because we had a private coach, but we used them often nonetheless. The reason the Travelcards were valuable is that we had several days, evenings, and nights free to do whatever we wanted, and the Travelcards let us go virtually anywhere in London. There were "Gaps," or free time, in between our technical visits in which we could explore the city on our own. The "Gaps" were never talked about in the blog; therefore, the content of this blog does not cover half or even a third of what actually happened during our visit. Like you would in the Tubes, please "Mind the Gap" and be aware that there were many untold stories in between those of the technical visits. This blog merely discusses the course-specific activities of the seminar.

To slightly fill in that gap, random photos of students on their own are posted.

Jon and Dan in Hyde Park

Adam and Dan in Hyde Park

Buckingham Palace

Kensington Palace

The Science Museum

Touching the Rosetta Stone

Dan assisting street performer at Covent Garden

Jon assisting street performer at Covent Garden