Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 16 Veilholmen to Trondheim

Today was our last full day.

Prof. Imbertson
We all got up to eat breakfast together and then after we were finished eating we had our last lectures. These lectures were very convinient. Because Smola, the main island we're on, is so small the lecture was brought to us at the Vagar Brygga. We heard from a community worker about the island and how the wind farm affects the community. In Smola 80% of the population support the windmills. Without the windmills they would not have any broadband. The broadband is strong together with the power cables that connect the wind farm to the rest of Norway. There are many positive affects with the windmills. After that lecture we heard from a Statkraft employee. He was very informative about the windmills. Apparently they built the wind farm in two steps. The first step was in 2002 and there were 20 2MWh windmills. In step two, which was in 2005, they put up 48 more windmills but these ones are 2.2MWh. We also learned the structure of the mills. After that we heard a lecture on the fundamentals about energy. The presenter gave a very clear explanation as to what is quality energy and how quality and quantity are different. After these lectures we had a bit of free time before the bus came to bring us to the wind farm. It was shocking to see that people were not playing cards. Today's entertainment was "Who wants to be a millionaire." Once the bus arrived we all grabbed a sandwich and a pop and got on. Once we got to the wind farm we got out and put on safety gear again. The ride to the wind farm only took about ten minutes because Smola is so small and the farm is in the middle. After we were all geared up we went to tower number 5. We broke up into groups of 6 and were able to go inside the windmill. We were not able to go up it but we were able to go into the base which was pretty cool. Apparently due to the long climb up the tower people were getting shoulder and knee pain so Statkraft installed two man elevators into each wind mill four months ago. After the wind farm we got back onto the bus. By the way there is only one tour bus in Smola. We needed to kill sometime before the ferry came so we spent an hour "downtown," which consists of a few buildings and a grocery store were we loaded up on snacks. After that we got onto the ferry where once again a lot of people fell asleep. Once we arrived in Trondheim we checked into the Comfort Hotel again and then went to Egon for a pizza buffet. After dinner people split up and did there own thing.
Tomorrow we check in at the airport at 8am and leave at 10am on Scandinavian airlines. We arrive in Oslo at 10:55am and leave at 14:45 by Icelandair. We then arrive in Reyjavik at 15:25 and depart for home at 16:35 by Icelandair. We should arrive at 5:55pm.
If anyone is thinking about going to Norway you must go to Smola and stay at Vagar Brygga and eat at Egon.

Studying the notes from today's lecture.

Playing "Who wants to be a Millionaire."

Once again our model. Both the hydro and wind power are run by Statkraft thus the similar gear.

People waiting to go in the windmill and huddling up to escape the wind.

Jarred coming down from the base.