Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 1

We have arrived!!!!!!!

We have arrived by Icelandic air at 6:10am Icelandic time or 1:10am central time. Some of us were able to sleep on the six hour flight while others watched the free movies. Those that didn't sleep on the plane were able to sleep on the bus. Right now it is 20:20 and we are all about to pass out but we are devoted to stay awake until 21:00. However, our fearless leader Professor Imbertson has already gone to bed. Does he know something that we don't know?

In today's adventures we started out by seeing where the vikings used to meet which is at the largest lake in Iceland (Thingvellir). From there we saw a magnificent waterfall, Gullfoos. Then we went to see the geysers, which by the way smell horrible. If you go there use a taller person as a shield for the rotten egg smell. After all of this we checked into our hotel, Hotel Reykjavik, at about 16:20. From there we split up and found various places to eat. Now having eaten we are hanging out in the hotel lobby.